The Strain by Chuck Hogan & Guillermo Del Toro

7.5 / 10

There is Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead, The Walking Dead and tons of zombie genre fiction. The literary scene has its own share of genre outbreak in the bookshelves. Only this time Chuck Hogan partnering with Guillermo Del Toro–who is well known for his silver screen hit Pan’s Labyrinth, created a twist in the genre by mixing the undead with vampirism. They probably are sick tired of how zombies can be awfully stupid villains.

The partnership created The Strain.

The first book of the authors’ recent trilogy doesn’t seem to have been infectious enough. 2/3 of the book is horrendously a drag as the authors squander pages on only setting the characters and plot. You probably can end up skipping some parts knowing that it’ll be another chapter dedicated to some unknown idiot in the story gorged by vampire infected creatures for the reason of obviously pea-brain thinking of characters. As soon as readers get quickly over the nonsense pages, the story can at least entertain enough.

Lastly, exchange of night and day dictates the tone of each chapter. Each transition should then have included the time of each event to add more suspense and to emphasize importance of the two halves of each day.

Chuck Hogan’s The Strain would have been something of a book, only if he didn’t try too hard stretching it to a trilogy. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

The Stinger is one of Hogan’s unique feature of the infected. Very much contrast to the conventional Vampire’s superior fangs.


2011 Adobo Cup

Aside from the overwhelming creativity, I have never enjoyed advertising as much as I have till I knew of the industry’s passion for football.

Sponsored by Adobo Magazine, the Adobo cup is now on it’s fourth year I believe. Giving greener pasteur to football enthusiast and hobbyist within the marketing and advertising scene.

Witness the action as champions Publicis Manila defend their title on March 26 from 9am – 6pm at the University of Makati football field with now 9 teams for the overall tournament.


Map to University of Makati

Below is the schedule for the one-day football celebration:

Alaska Milk, Adobo Magazine, Publicis, DM9, DDB, Saatchi, Balls, ABS-CBN, Y & R, Netbooster, Virus, Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson

2011 Adobo Cup Fixtures

I’m Sorry Ms. Wilson, Are You For Real?

Back 2005, I saw her grace and stand out in a poorly conceptualized magazine publish by people fresh out of college. At present day, she is ultimately worse than an apple from Eden. She is hell’s harbinger of hotness. By Christ, Georgina Wilson is man’s greatest sin.


Bon Jovi at EMA 2010

After anticipating much of MTV’s European Music Awards 2010, I’ve been highly disappointed with the nominations and pop-ish performances of the night. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga probably led to my changing of the channel.

But good riddance, to salvage the night, MTV announced their finale performance.

Thanks to Bon Jovi, the end justified the mean.


Protected: Men’s Playground by Sky Cable

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Turning 24 Bordering Fringe

Because you don’t have all the time in the world and there are better things to do, never once I’ve fancied watching 20-24 episodes of U.S. TV Series over a short 2-hour cinema flick. But since I’ve convinced myself of getting an iPod last 2009, I have had control over the time of watching the long stretch of continuities through many episodes.

Though given the luxury of getting copies via torrent and watching them within my own time, I have been very picky over the titles.  Because I don’t like time being left to waste, I let go once the first 20 minutes of the 1st episode bore me, some got lucky by got me tolerating up till 5 episodes. I tried Spartacus, CSI, X-Files, and–mind you, even Glee (I’ll never be watching that horror again). But two brilliant titles turned around my U.S. TV Series pessimism: Fringe and 24.

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Peter BishopFringe got me with their 1st episode which lasted up to 2 seasons and now on the wait for the torrent files of Season 3. Though I still think that they can never beat the success of the 1st season–I don’t know if its just me, but the parallel universe concept somehow ruined the realism of the 1st season’s brilliant plot/s.

That is very unlikely of 24. What turned out to be my filler series while I wait for the 3rd Season of Fringe is also a blockbuster. Though I know it’s a bit late to appreciate the 2002 hit series, but Season 1 is entertaining enough to lighten up my anticipation of Fringe Season 3. But Season 2, which is more complex and I think thoroughly conceptualized than Season 1, I think almost got me converted from being a Fringe fanatic.

I have yet to watch Season 3 of the two titles, but to sum it all up with these two TV greats, even though time is scarce I am having no regrets in spending more than 2 hours for entertainment.

Jack Bauer, 24

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini TVC

The ad got nothing with to do with my desire of the phone–though it’s really tempting, but the creative thinking of things that can be done by the hand, more importantly with the phone, is just wittingly clever.

I like it! And the phone too!