Philippine Tabloid Fuss

If anyone noticed, I have not given any say about the recent hostage-taking thing that’s been the talk of the town for, like-what, 2-3 weeks? And this will be probably the first and last.

Media, Politicians, and Filipinos alike have a new tabloid-chismis. Everybody just loves talking about what happened and there goes eventually the pointing-finger-to-who argument. Tell you what; it’s all fucking tabloid and non-intellectual media sensation.

Get to the problem and point out solutions. Negate people (damn those mindless politicians) and things that are irrelevant and who are itching to get to the limelight. Then move on like what this country should do.
Geez! As if some international terrorist or dr. evil caused a scene. It’s just one man hostage-taker, and the fuss and failure reached to this? There are worse things that can happen my friend. Just watch a Stallone flick.

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