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Who’s Your World Cup Pick

The 2010 World Cup is nearing! And yes, the Philippines is part of the frenzy. Even ABS-CBN, the biggest network in the country didn’t want the biggest sporting event in the world to just past by like a ship in the night. I feel like subscribing to Balls Channel already from June-July of this year!

The Philippines is part of the world football map even though not as a competitive team but as fanatics of the most beautiful game of the world. We are now counting days and yet there are people who have not set their eyes on any as World Cup favorites like me. Many are placing their bets for Spain to win the cup. Of course the star-studded England and Brazilian squad is not to be set aside. Much as defending champions Italy. Though these football greats are the much talked teams these days, never can’t we neglect teams like France, Netherlands, Germany and other participating countries

Difficult it is to place a bet on one country. I’m pretty sure this photo can help.

Pick your team boys!