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Turning 24 Bordering Fringe

Because you don’t have all the time in the world and there are better things to do, never once I’ve fancied watching 20-24 episodes of U.S. TV Series over a short 2-hour cinema flick. But since I’ve convinced myself of getting an iPod last 2009, I have had control over the time of watching the long stretch of continuities through many episodes.

Though given the luxury of getting copies via torrent and watching them within my own time, I have been very picky over the titles.¬† Because I don’t like time being left to waste, I let go once the first 20 minutes of the 1st episode bore me, some got lucky by got me tolerating up till 5 episodes. I tried Spartacus, CSI, X-Files, and–mind you, even Glee (I’ll never be watching that horror again). But two brilliant titles turned around my U.S. TV Series pessimism: Fringe and 24.

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop, Peter BishopFringe got me with their 1st episode which lasted up to 2 seasons and now on the wait for the torrent files of Season 3. Though I still think that they can never beat the success of the 1st season–I don’t know if its just me, but the parallel universe concept somehow ruined the realism of the 1st season’s brilliant plot/s.

That is very unlikely of 24. What turned out to be my filler series while I wait for the 3rd Season of Fringe is also a blockbuster. Though I know it’s a bit late to appreciate the 2002 hit series, but Season 1 is entertaining enough to lighten up my anticipation of Fringe Season 3. But Season 2, which is more complex and I think thoroughly conceptualized than Season 1, I think almost got me converted from being a Fringe fanatic.

I have yet to watch Season 3 of the two titles, but to sum it all up with these two TV greats, even though time is scarce I am having no regrets in spending more than 2 hours for entertainment.

Jack Bauer, 24


Bring Back The King!

I started to become a fan of Radio ever since High School when a friend introduced me to Magic 89.9’s Boogie Nights, the first time King DJ Logan and Slick Rick voices made me set aside the things that I usually do on a weekday night. I neglected TV and sleeping early over the 9pm-12mn time slot of radio. The show presented no dull moment and I became a fan, at that moment up to the present.

I miss the partnership of the two and that particular show. For those who just appreciated Boy’s Night Out, Boogie Nights is pretty much the same with Magic 89.9’s BNO of today. Some of the styles and program format of BNO’s Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick reminds me of, what most radio fans proclaim, King of Philippine FM radio. The Confession Session (a.k.a. Radio Tabloid), the Apir style, and some other stuff came from Boogie Nights.

The King never ran out of airtime after his suspensions and controversial break-up with Magic 89.9. I later can hear the famous Brando Braganza once again on Max FM and later on 99.5 RT. An exception to the overly unfriendly rants of his about Magic 89.9 and other DJs, he again lived up to his name being King DJ Logan by being innovative in radio. One of course is one of my favorites: drinking inside the DJ booth with fans who frequently visit his show.

His team up with Tina Ryan didn’t click as what listeners expected of their show coming from their previous team up in 93.9 KC FM years ago. After a few months, his voice again became absent in the evening airwaves. Many from the Brewrats, BNO, Tina Ryan and fans confirmed that he is now focusing his dayjob career, a living that can provide more for his family.

Nowadays, KDL is being missed in the airwaves and fans are anxious to hear his voice once again on-air. I wish 99.5 RT can bring him back, this time bringing his 2 other DJ friends from Logan’s Alley replacing the Brewrats’ previous timeslot in the evening. WE JUST WANT THE KING BACK!


Legend of the Seeker (TV Series Trailer)

I bought a book from Terry Goodkind entitled “Wizard’s First Rule” a few months ago. While checking its cover, I saw a label indicating that it has been made into a TV series already last November 2008. Its just now that I got to check the preview or trailer of the series.

I am not planning on watching the whole series yet since I am only just halfway of the book. Looks like a pretty good series ey? Its just that I thought Kahlan is blonde and much heavenly beautiful than the one here in the series.