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I Am Cory

Corazon Aquino

Cory Aquino 1933-2009

Being born in the year of 1985, I am part of the Filipino generation that is in great and inestimable debt to Cory Aquino. She, together with the nation, offered us the new Philippines. A country even though bruised and weary, found its way to being a liberated and recovered republic for our generation. A land we are now privileged to enjoy and to love as countrymen.

The Philippine islands’ surrounding vast body of waters is nothing compared to the amount of tears the Filipinos are seeping out today. We lost a dear mother, a remarkable leader and an exceptional Filipino. What is now that we are to hold on to? For the only symbol of political and patriotic righteousness is gone.

Today, what the people can cling on to is the yellow ribbon of hope, a Cory Aquino legacy for the country. We will forever hold on to it and will do keep our hope that Cory’s  vision of a free and thriving Philippines will come. We will always remember a president and a Filipino leader that Filipinos can look up to. One that we can proudly say to the world and will ceaselessly boast: The Philippines had once a Corazon Aquino.

And for once in our lifetime, in my lifetime… we became proud of our President.

Thank you, President Corazon Aquino.


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Myself, Elsewhere by Carmen Guerrero Nakpil

8 / 10

This is the first time I read an autobiography. When Gracie , one of the few book enthusiast I know in the office, introduced “Myself, Elsewhere” to me, I had doubts on finishing the Guerrero-Nakpil’s book just by seeing that it is a autobiography of someone I don’t even know.

I guess she knew of my interest in Philippine history and me engaging into the other classics of the country. She lend the book Myself, Elsewhere to me, because I mentioned to her before of my praises for F. Sionil Jose’s “Ermita” and how I love to be in the old pre-war Manila, filled of the best description of the “pinoy” culture.

There’s no better time for me to read this, as I’ve taken it as a my own sequel for my interest of the pre-war Ermita.

As soon as Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil perfectly described the pre-war condition of Ermita, Manila and its people, I have been then sooooo engaged with the book. I can’t help but to be more interested in our beautiful country after reading this wonderful masterpiece.

Ermita, Manila reflects the current condition of the country. Battered and bruised from the World War II-Battle of Manila, it seems that the Philippines being one of the most successful country in pre-WWII Asia, is stuck in a slumber from the damages done and evils instilled to us by the different foreign colonizers we’ve had. The pre-war Ermita formed in my mind is, I can say, a paradise in Manila, even in Asia. While the Ermita we can see today are filled with frustrations for people with a sense of nationalism like me. It is now a street filled with sins, prostitution, vices, and poverty. Some of the buildings and houses of old Ermita still stands up to this time, who are just like most of us, staring and watching corruption and immorality devour our people and our country’s streets.

Guerrero-Nakpil’s “Myself, Elsewhere” is a must read for the nostalgic patriots and Philippine enthusiasts. I enjoyed the tour of pre-war Manila. Now, I Got my eyes on it’s sequel book for another enchanting travel to the past, “Legends & Adventures”– Nakpil in the post-war Manila/Philippines.

My Brother, My Executioner by F. Sionil Jose

My Brother, My Executioner by Francisco Sionil Jose

7.5 / 10

The titles says it all. I am touched by how F. Sionil Jose described the Philippines being battered by its colonizers over the past centuries and just receiving its independence for more than a 100 years.

Nothing has changed. Just my realization.

It seems that the country only has been sprinkled of little water of independence, before letting it devoured again by the burning fire of corruption and lies. But this time not from the foreign invaders, but of our very own countrymen.