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Delayed for Mother’s Day

I looked at my mother and saw the marks of age slowly embracing her every day. Reality gives me shudder that she is getting older each day while I enjoy the years ahead of me. But even though looking ahead of my bright future, I still remember from the back of my head that my mother indeed made her mark on the child that is struggling to express a paternal gratitude (or for the lack of a better term–love).

My mother brought me up well as a young (from 18 y.o. I think) single parent and her remaining days will never be wasted; these days shall be filled with love being reciprocated as much as her grateful son can try. As long as she is there, the many years of my life will be for giving my mother what I wish she had when she was at my age–and of course what I want for her at her current age.

This I know will not be forever and time will always be quickly ticking when you look at it. But I refuse to be conquered by the inevitability as long as she’s with me and as long as I live. My love for her will go farther than the lines of her skin and beyond the heavens of which I know we will again be together after this lifetime.