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2011 Adobo Cup

Aside from the overwhelming creativity, I have never enjoyed advertising as much as I have till I knew of the industry’s passion for football.

Sponsored by Adobo Magazine, the Adobo cup is now on it’s fourth year I believe. Giving greener pasteur to football enthusiast and hobbyist within the marketing and advertising scene.

Witness the action as champions Publicis Manila defend their title on March 26 from 9am – 6pm at the University of Makati football field with now 9 teams for the overall tournament.


Map to University of Makati

Below is the schedule for the one-day football celebration:

Alaska Milk, Adobo Magazine, Publicis, DM9, DDB, Saatchi, Balls, ABS-CBN, Y & R, Netbooster, Virus, Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson

2011 Adobo Cup Fixtures


I’m Sorry Ms. Wilson, Are You For Real?

Back 2005, I saw her grace and stand out in a poorly conceptualized magazine publish by people fresh out of college. At present day, she is ultimately worse than an apple from Eden. She is hell’s harbinger of hotness. By Christ, Georgina Wilson is man’s greatest sin.


Bon Jovi at EMA 2010

After anticipating much of MTV’s European Music Awards 2010, I’ve been highly disappointed with the nominations and pop-ish performances of the night. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga probably led to my changing of the channel.

But good riddance, to salvage the night, MTV announced their finale performance.

Thanks to Bon Jovi, the end justified the mean.


Protected: Men’s Playground by Sky Cable

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Delayed for Mother’s Day

I looked at my mother and saw the marks of age slowly embracing her every day. Reality gives me shudder that she is getting older each day while I enjoy the years ahead of me. But even though looking ahead of my bright future, I still remember from the back of my head that my mother indeed made her mark on the child that is struggling to express a paternal gratitude (or for the lack of a better term–love).

My mother brought me up well as a young (from 18 y.o. I think) single parent and her remaining days will never be wasted; these days shall be filled with love being reciprocated as much as her grateful son can try. As long as she is there, the many years of my life will be for giving my mother what I wish she had when she was at my age–and of course what I want for her at her current age.

This I know will not be forever and time will always be quickly ticking when you look at it. But I refuse to be conquered by the inevitability as long as she’s with me and as long as I live. My love for her will go farther than the lines of her skin and beyond the heavens of which I know we will again be together after this lifetime.

It’s A Hole New World

You probably received viral e-mails of the Guatemala sinkhole and the probable impression it sent is absolute awe. It is indeed way to real to be true. I can’t believe it myself and so curiosity has to be given nosh, thanks to our digital library also known as the internet.

A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by removal of soil or bedrock, often both, by water as per It creates both ugly scenes and astounding natural tourist spots.

Googling these earth holes, I found this interesting entry wherein different earth holes are featured. Marvel on the photos below that can also be found on the blog link:


The Great Blue Hole in Belize

A sinkhole in Guatamela


Hassan Ayari (Little Lionel Messi)

This little genius had the kicks since he reached his 2nd birthday. Freaking unbelievable skills for his age.

This kid is sick!