Philippine Tabloid Fuss

If anyone noticed, I have not given any say about the recent hostage-taking thing that’s been the talk of the town for, like-what, 2-3 weeks? And this will be probably the first and last.

Media, Politicians, and Filipinos alike have a new tabloid-chismis. Everybody just loves talking about what happened and there goes eventually the pointing-finger-to-who argument. Tell you what; it’s all fucking tabloid and non-intellectual media sensation.

Get to the problem and point out solutions. Negate people (damn those mindless politicians) and things that are irrelevant and who are itching to get to the limelight. Then move on like what this country should do.
Geez! As if some international terrorist or dr. evil caused a scene. It’s just one man hostage-taker, and the fuss and failure reached to this? There are worse things that can happen my friend. Just watch a Stallone flick.


Delayed for Mother’s Day

I looked at my mother and saw the marks of age slowly embracing her every day. Reality gives me shudder that she is getting older each day while I enjoy the years ahead of me. But even though looking ahead of my bright future, I still remember from the back of my head that my mother indeed made her mark on the child that is struggling to express a paternal gratitude (or for the lack of a better term–love).

My mother brought me up well as a young (from 18 y.o. I think) single parent and her remaining days will never be wasted; these days shall be filled with love being reciprocated as much as her grateful son can try. As long as she is there, the many years of my life will be for giving my mother what I wish she had when she was at my age–and of course what I want for her at her current age.

This I know will not be forever and time will always be quickly ticking when you look at it. But I refuse to be conquered by the inevitability as long as she’s with me and as long as I live. My love for her will go farther than the lines of her skin and beyond the heavens of which I know we will again be together after this lifetime.

Who’s Your World Cup Pick

The 2010 World Cup is nearing! And yes, the Philippines is part of the frenzy. Even ABS-CBN, the biggest network in the country didn’t want the biggest sporting event in the world to just past by like a ship in the night. I feel like subscribing to Balls Channel already from June-July of this year!

The Philippines is part of the world football map even though not as a competitive team but as fanatics of the most beautiful game of the world. We are now counting days and yet there are people who have not set their eyes on any as World Cup favorites like me. Many are placing their bets for Spain to win the cup. Of course the star-studded England and Brazilian squad is not to be set aside. Much as defending champions Italy. Though these football greats are the much talked teams these days, never can’t we neglect teams like France, Netherlands, Germany and other participating countries

Difficult it is to place a bet on one country. I’m pretty sure this photo can help.

Pick your team boys!

It’s A Hole New World

You probably received viral e-mails of the Guatemala sinkhole and the probable impression it sent is absolute awe. It is indeed way to real to be true. I can’t believe it myself and so curiosity has to be given nosh, thanks to our digital library also known as the internet.

A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by removal of soil or bedrock, often both, by water as per It creates both ugly scenes and astounding natural tourist spots.

Googling these earth holes, I found this interesting entry wherein different earth holes are featured. Marvel on the photos below that can also be found on the blog link:


The Great Blue Hole in Belize

A sinkhole in Guatamela


The Firm by John Grisham


The Firm, John Grisham

8 / 10


You maybe are familiar of this by associating the title with one of Tom Cruise’s Hollywood blockbusters. Though, I had acquired the book before learning from a friend that it has already been adapted on the silver screen. But nonetheless, you know that I am biased on books than movies anyway, so I neglected the easier two hour viewing of the movie and take time to read a hundred-page fiction.

The Firm, I can say is worth the time and eye-stress.  A rag to riches story of the protagonist, but nope, not quite. There has to have conspiracies and twists of a suspense thriller genre title of course for us to be hooked. And so it did, the story revolves around a mafia controlled law firm and how they mold and pamper young talents such as Mitch McDeere in a short span of time. Only that, the legal firm is not all that “legal”.

Everything about the narration of the story is well done, except how the leading character cleverly worked his way out of the corrupted hands of the mafia and the firm. John Grisham plotted it out as an impossible task and it’s just a little bit overcooked that a lawyer Mitch McDeere can outsmart both relentless intelligence of the NBI and the brutality and network of the mafia.  He’s not that too much of a superman ain’t he? At any rate, it can be explained as you read through it, but it’s for the reader to judge.

Anyway, the novel provided much entertainment and suspense, with typical Grisham style I guess—though this is only the first I’ve read from his titles. The Firm did make me consider in buying another title from John Grisham, but it will be a while till I forget his style of writing perhaps.

Hassan Ayari (Little Lionel Messi)

This little genius had the kicks since he reached his 2nd birthday. Freaking unbelievable skills for his age.

This kid is sick!

PNR: Back On Track

Though more than a century already, my generation never knew the existence of the Philippine National Railways. We know only the dilapidated and deteriorating rail tracks and trains that pass by and make cars abide to rusting stop, look, and listen billboards. Plus the usual visuals of squatter houses and topless by-standers a few inches from the passing train coaches, killing time with a bottle of gin. Its a shame the Philippine National Railways or PNR went through all of this.

Good thing at last, the Philippine government gave way to the idea of its renovation as a Philippine-Korea joint project. Though not fully operational yet, information has been passed around already (heard of it last year) that it can accommodate mass transportation even with limited railways and trains.

With our frustration on the gas prices, terrible Manila traffic and high demand on the MRT and LRT. Its a good move from the government to provide Filipinos another alternative of transportation. And today, I gave that alternative a try.

PNR: Back on Track, Philippine National Railways

PNR: Back on Track, Philippine National Railways

Thumbs up for:

  • Cheap fare! I traveled from Sta. Mesa station to Buendia, Makati station for only Php 10.
  • Newly purchased trains, compared to the MRT and LRT, are bigger, wider and has great air-conditioning.
  • Best option not to be late from work/school. My travel time only consumed 9 minutes.
  • Scheduled departure and arrival time
  • Not cluttered by advertisements (yet)
  • Guards stationed on each train coach.
  • Great stretch! The train can go from Caloocan up to Binan, Laguna

Not for:

  • Scary surroundings. Only squatters from the near distance from the rail were removed.
  • Like buses, fare is collected by a conductor and you’ll be given ticket for inspection
  • Unreliable security: Only one guard per station, that guard won’t even inspect passengers’ bags.
  • Airconditioned trains are not yet being utilized for Binan, Laguna station
  • Safety. No one doesn’t even care about walking on the rail tracks.

PNR: Back on Track, Philippine National Railways

That is how the PNR is faring at the moment, but I really do hope that its renovation goes to full swing. It is such a great help for many especially that the projects of its extension is on its way as well.

For more information, visit the PNR website.