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The World Found Treasure in the Philippines

Before, most of us don’t give nothing of a cent about ordinary Efren Penaflorida and what he does. Now, he’s in every front page and headline of every local and international news after being highly recognized as a Hero of 2009. It is sad that such great appreciation for his good works has been granted not by his countrymen but of foreign advocates.

Efren Penaflorida, a Filipino street education advocate, received no or very little support from his countrymen and his Philippine government yet continued his passion of providing good education to poor children. And now he’s named by CNN as Hero of the Year for 2009.

What went wrong for us Filipinos to be so blind of what the world can see?

We focus too much of pointing fingers to the corrupt a-holes in the government that we hardly notice the little good things that the modest “others” are carrying out to uplift the current situation of the country. No wonder, many Filipinos leave the country and, what usually happens, become successful in a foreign land. Why can’t we do it here?

Mr. Penaflorida did. We are just too busy of our daily uneventful routine to notice.

But the world did.


CNN Street Teacher Filipino

Efren Penaflorida as 2009 CNN Hero of the Year



Basta Driver Sweet Lover

Its always normal when you get to ride a taxi with a driver that expresses his grievances about the government, his life, or sometimes the headaches bring by delinquent passengers. When I’m in the mood, I do get engange myself with a conversation with drivers once in a while. Mostly on their opinions on the current events of the country.

I ended up last night with a very interesting talk with an unusual intelligent cab driver. We got to talk about my nature of work, me being in an advertising agency and how I expressed my disagreement with the ridiculous ad spending of politicians, to stamp their popularity, in preparation for the 2010 elections; how our tax monies are being spent just to promote their ugly faces and false advocacy messages. Eventhough the advertising industry I am currently with earns from them, the activist/patriot nature in me enganges with my conscience and my compassion for my country and its people.
With all the rich politicians splurging all the money they have, how the people vote with simple popularity of an individual instead of their political platform and ideals gives me an alarming concern for the ordinary Filipinos. The ordinary Juan De La Cruz, like manong taxi driver, who are aspiring politicians who can’t get any chance into the political scene because their ideals for the country are being overshadowed by the pesos of the rich.

Cash Splurge

Bayani Fernando

Sa dami ng nakikita mong patalastas sa kanto, mapa-billboard man, istreamer, poster at iba pa. Nakikipagkompitensya ang mga politiko sa mga malalaking kompanya sa bawat kanto at lugar pag dating sa mga poster at billboard.

‘Pag nagpunta ka sa edsa, si Bayani Fernando makikita mo agad na sadyang tinatapatan ang bawat billboard ni Dingdong Dantes ng Bench na sadyang kinatutuwaan ng mga malisyosong binabaeng. ‘Pag uwi kanto namin, makikita ang malalaking mukha ni Congressman Abante na nagsasabi ng Happy Fiesta. Mukha ni Trisha Bonoan-David na may katabing malaking letra na Merry Christmas, kasama nya pa sa streamer si Alfredo Lim at Gloria Arroyo. Sa bawat eskwelahan ngayong pasukan, makikita mo ang iba’t ibang mukha ng mga politiko hindi lang ng mga nabanggit, na ngumingiti sa mga bagong salta sa kolehiyo at bumabati sa mga mag-tatapos ng pag-aaral.

Kaninong salapi ang gamit nila? Magkano ba magpagawa nun? Alam ko di pa naman dapat sila naglalagay ng mga poster o billboard dahil matagal pa naman ang eleksyon. Sa laki ng buwis na kinakaltas sa sweldo ko buwan-buwan, ayaw ko naman ata na dun mga hindi kinakailangang bagay lang napupunta yung mga binabawas nila sa buwanang pag-hihirap ko. Eh yung sa ‘yo?

Philippine Government: Democracy Or Martial Law


Filipino Soldier mans an area of Malacanang Palace


Americans glorified when the third wave of democracy occurred. Countries are withholding themselves from the authoritarian and totalitarian system of government. An opportunity to seize for the United States to strengthen their propaganda to the world – to promote Democracy, the same kind of system that made the U.S. a superpower and an influential icon to the international community. Many countries did shift to democracy and only few didn’t.

Robert Kaplan raised the issue “Was Democracy Just a Moment?” naming countries that developed having democracy as their system of government. While another political academic, Jacques Rosseau, discussed the theory of general will as the sum of individual desires. Further explaining that democracy as a government of the general will.

But what are the people to do if they have of left of zilch choice of public officials to lead a democratic system of government? Nothing but only a few dysfunctional and ineffective political actors and crumbling institutions.

Now, do you see the Philippines in this? One point why many states: that now that we have democracy, we are only moving everywhere but forward. Is there a need to go back to Martial Law or to any authoritarian system of government where once we have seen a glimpse of prosperity?

Kaplan states that before a country to democratize, it must achieve social and economic development, effective bureaucratic institutions, middle class and civic society groups. Then a multi-party system will work in a country, so as democracy. But why should a country should shift to democracy if they are already developed? This question arises in Kaplan’s paper. Maybe, an authoritarian country only needs to shift to democracy if a “developed” country experiences tyranny and ineffective governance of a regime. The society must be healthy and stable for deeper political participation and awareness of different situations.