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Why Wait For Summer? We’re Off to the Beach!

“Where do you guys stay?”, that’s the question that I’ve been avoiding for 3 days we’ve been to Boracay as we’ve been asked by people we know and kind strangers as well. We stayed at Shangri-la Boracay. Yeah I know, “sosyal!” and I’m crazy to spend unbelievable amount of money for it, but to tell you the truth, its F-R-E-E. The lucky bastard out of me did it again by winning at Mango Magazine’s launch grand prize raffle when I already have a booking for Hey Jude Hotel for December.

Oh well, I said to myself in a so apathetic manner, I know what to do with this Shangri-la 3 days and 2 nights stay GC. 😛

Even though I am not much a fan and strongly disagree of the construction of these modern type of hotels in a nature embraced Boracay. Its best, I think, that I thank God for the unexpected blessing and take the opportunity to explore and experience the luxury of staying at the newly erected and overly grandeur Shangri-La Boracay.

The food (the best they can offer), the staff, the place is amazingly pleasant. Shangri-la got everything we need and, due to time constraint, we didn’t even get to explore everything the hotel got in store for the guest residents like the one we just saw before leaving on the 3rd day: the beautifully decorated Entertainment room. Plus there are other places, like the gym, their other restaurants, the other beach (they have two), etc.

If you are going to Boracay only because you miss the ever pristine beach of it? Then I recommend that you get a beachfront hotel on White Beach instead, not in Shangri-La. Though they have their own beach (and pool) for the guest residents, nothing still beats the overall beauty–the sand, the party places, the beautiful people, the beach, the food, the nature, etc.–of White Beach, Boracay.

But everyone can never neglect the best thing about Shangri-la Boracay–the FOOD. It is something to die for and is something that you’ll surely miss when you get back to Manila. Here’s the situation and is probably the best description that I can give about the food: do you know the experience of eating something that is so insanely delicious that you just take a bite of one of their food and while absorbing the taste of the delicacy, you blissfully close your eyes as you are suddenly in a state of culinary trance and you just don’t want to give up the food to your esophagus just to savor more of the taste? Boom! Thats just it I miss it already! My waist line before leaving Manila was 31, and now as I am writing this blog, I just adjusted my belt (an inch?) to a less tighter notch. Whew!

A lot of thanks to Linds for lending us the Canon Powershot D10 for the underwater shots.


Sunburn – San dun?

It’s hot!!!

Wohoo! Summer — a time wherein the glaring sun opens up the passageway of the world to us. Its a calling when you get to smell the saltwaters while you are being burned by the sunlight in the streets of the metro. Its nirvana to just get out of the office, walk around the park while killing office hour time and while your computer is being bombarded by horrendous e-mails from people who is as sick with work as you are.

Instead of frowning coz’ of the draining heat, why not look at it in a more positive, different way. Break the monotonous lifestyle! The hell with this corporate attire, time to put on the sunblock and expose the manboobs we’ve been trying to hide under the baggy shirts.

Let me be unleashed! I just wanna be on the beach!!!!

White Beach Puerto Galera