The Firm by John Grisham


The Firm, John Grisham

8 / 10


You maybe are familiar of this by associating the title with one of Tom Cruise’s Hollywood blockbusters. Though, I had acquired the book before learning from a friend that it has already been adapted on the silver screen. But nonetheless, you know that I am biased on books than movies anyway, so I neglected the easier two hour viewing of the movie and take time to read a hundred-page fiction.

The Firm, I can say is worth the time and eye-stress.  A rag to riches story of the protagonist, but nope, not quite. There has to have conspiracies and twists of a suspense thriller genre title of course for us to be hooked. And so it did, the story revolves around a mafia controlled law firm and how they mold and pamper young talents such as Mitch McDeere in a short span of time. Only that, the legal firm is not all that “legal”.

Everything about the narration of the story is well done, except how the leading character cleverly worked his way out of the corrupted hands of the mafia and the firm. John Grisham plotted it out as an impossible task and it’s just a little bit overcooked that a lawyer Mitch McDeere can outsmart both relentless intelligence of the NBI and the brutality and network of the mafia.  He’s not that too much of a superman ain’t he? At any rate, it can be explained as you read through it, but it’s for the reader to judge.

Anyway, the novel provided much entertainment and suspense, with typical Grisham style I guess—though this is only the first I’ve read from his titles. The Firm did make me consider in buying another title from John Grisham, but it will be a while till I forget his style of writing perhaps.

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