I Am Cory

Corazon Aquino

Cory Aquino 1933-2009

Being born in the year of 1985, I am part of the Filipino generation that is in great and inestimable debt to Cory Aquino. She, together with the nation, offered us the new Philippines. A country even though bruised and weary, found its way to being a liberated and recovered republic for our generation. A land we are now privileged to enjoy and to love as countrymen.

The Philippine islands’ surrounding vast body of waters is nothing compared to the amount of tears the Filipinos are seeping out today. We lost a dear mother, a remarkable leader and an exceptional Filipino. What is now that we are to hold on to? For the only symbol of political and patriotic righteousness is gone.

Today, what the people can cling on to is the yellow ribbon of hope, a Cory Aquino legacy for the country. We will forever hold on to it and will do keep our hope that Cory’s  vision of a free and thriving Philippines will come. We will always remember a president and a Filipino leader that Filipinos can look up to. One that we can proudly say to the world and will ceaselessly boast: The Philippines had once a Corazon Aquino.

And for once in our lifetime, in my lifetime… we became proud of our President.

Thank you, President Corazon Aquino.


*Photo from Mark Downey of 

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