The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

Templar Legacy

7 / 10

I like Steve Berry titles after reading one of his bestsellers, The Alexandria Link. His other bestseller that I found interesting proved to be not a disappointment.

My attention was caught up by this book after getting a glance of its title. A book cover that displays one of the formidable names in a famous Dan Brown Novel. The Knights Templar.

Steve Berry’s Templar Legacy featured his famous fictional character Cotton Malone, a favorite among his other titles. The book will entice your curiosity as the book explains further the details about the Knight’s Templar. The secret organization’s rumored hidden wealth and archives, its connection with Rennes le Chateau–a small town in France turned tourist spot, and the relevance of its modern day clues and symbolisms regarding the whereabouts and existence of the Knights Templar’s legacy.

The book is a 4-star for its entertainment. The remaining one star glory is deprived as I was not that convinced of Malone’s motivation in helping out Stephanie Nelle. De Roquefort’s build up as an antagonist is not that convincing as well or the lack a bit of it. The story has a few weak points, but its still as entertaining as any novel should be. If you also want to explore more and fold other pages about the Knights Templar after reading Da Vinci Code, this must not be missed out on your bookshelf.

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