Hundred People’s Island


Talk about man spoiling nature. Yes, this was how things happened here, when you bring in a hundred loads of people in one amazing small island beach, trust me you won’t be having that tranquil vacation you’ve been longing for.

Heck! You won’t even have a room to swim freely and you can barely notice the beauty of nature! Its like you came in to hundred islands with the overpopulated, cluttered atmosphere of Metro Manila all around you. Then you’ll see the cottages/huts placed on the cliffs of the island filled with people (there even got a sari-sari store!), wonderful ain’t it? Can you imagine it just yet–a look of a squatter area in one of the islands of Pangasinan.

Lesson of the long weekend for us: “Do not go to hundred islands on long weekends or peak seasons.”

One of the islands, also known as Quezon Island, got an amazing beach scenery. It’s just that I wish the the ones in charge of hundred island tourism should limit the people who can come in the island in a day. They must think first of how to preserve the islands’ wonders than of the profit these people can bring to their pockets.

But, eventhough with all these rants, I still do recommend the trip (on off-peak seasons that is!). The vista is breath-taking when you get onto the top of Governor’s Island and feast yours eyes on the mushrooms of Hundred Islands of Pangasinan. You’ll realize that 5 hours of slacking your bum on the car seat on the way to Alaminos is all worth-it.

Oh! There’ll be another draining 5 hours of it, this time going back to Manila. Enjoy!

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