Carasscal, Surigao del Sur

A visit to Jem’s hometown in Carrascal, Surigao del Sur last April 10-12, 2009.

Should’ve been April 9-12, but we got a 1-day delayed departure flight. And so, it spoiled the trip from the start.

Those brainless people from PAL ticketing office in Robinson’s Galleria didn’t get to advise us of that the plane assigned to us is no more in operation. This stupidity occurred even though we booked the fare ticket 3 months early. I am so pissed I’d rather demand my money back, cancel the flight, spend the whole vacation at home and make sure that they don’t profit from my hard-earned pesos.

Just to not disappoint my friends, I agreed to still go with them in the transferred flight schedule for April 10.

Our thanks to Jem and her family for being so hospitable and welcoming us to their town. For Jem’s mother for letting us stay overnight in their place in Makati as well.

The town is a 3-hour roadtrip from the city. You can see that the road is still under construction by the government, so you will really have to use a stern jeepney or tough SUV to get to Carrascal through the mountain roads.

Didn’t get to tour the whole Surigao though, particularly Siargao, because we are at the other side of the province; but its indeed worth it to spend time with the people of Carrascal and its wonderful town.

The beach shots were taken in one of the islands of Surigao del Sur of which I don’t know the name. Breath-taking beach though, very much alike Boracay’s.

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