Literal na Road Trip: Ilocos

Long Overdue Post from May 2 – 4, 2008

Talk about life on the road if you are to calculate the travel time we’ve spent on the road for this vacation trip. Yes, we had a grueling yet fun trip to the very north side of the country, Ilocos. I can’t exactly remember how things were planned and the places we visited since this happened a year ago. But the trip was prepared by Sharri and Kuya Den, Sharri’s brother-in-law. Kuya Den became our tour-guide/nanny/friend/photographer and, I don’t know if it became worse to this, hope not being slave from his experiences with us. 😛 He is our one-man chariot, driving to the wee-hours just to take us to different destinations of Ilocos (from Manila to Laoag, Pagudpud, Vigan, etc. and back to Manila, whew!). If any of the energy drinks are looking-out for a worth-it endorser/model then Kuya Den won’t give them a hard time looking for one.

Forgive me if my narration of the trip won’t be that concise, but these are the things I can remember from it.

White Lady found in Palazio De Laoag

First stop, coming from a looong trip from Manila to Ilocos is to our hotel, Palazio de Laoag, obviously in Laoag Ilocos Norte. It is a classic sweet place, more of like an introduction of the vintage quality of Vigan, with a pool and concrete-Spanish structure design of a Filipino hotel. We rested our asses there to ready ourselves for a packed itinerary for the following day.

Come the start of the second day, my craving for the favorite Longganisa ng Ilocos got on track and had one for breakfast (was actually planning to have them for lunch and dinner as well). We off now to the Bacarra Church (did I get it right?), which part of it is a ruin from an earthquake in the early 80s. Then we off to a place where I can’t remember the name (Cape Bojeador?) wherein there was a lighthouse and a gallery of its history . After that, a trip to the windmills of Ilocos, a wonderful scenic view with the scorching heat of the sun towering above us and the tall energy-source outdoor electric fans. Next was the La Paz Sand Dunes. Then the most-awaited destination, the Pagudpud beach, didn’t disappoint us at all. The Ilocos version of Boracay, minus the commercial establishments, is stunning as we stepped into the fine-grain sand and dipped our toes into the refreshing Pagudpud saltwater. Ahh.. the northside paradise!

The third and last day was spent with in a visit to different destinations: the astonishing Fort Ilocandia, a famous resort-hotel to Ilocos expats and elite. We visited as well the historic Malacanang mansion of the Marcoses (my desired design of a someday-owned house) and the family gallery. There also were the Paoay Church and the classic town of Vigan (with the bagnet, goto, and other good food came in for dinner). Everything is a classic and rich in history. Just like what I wanted, loving the nostalgia they brought from the past.

Lissa enjoying the baroque-beauty of Vigan

Pardon me for I only have few of the pictures here from my camera, but most of the captured moments are caught by Kuya Den’s camera. Click on the link/s below to view the other Ilocos trip photos.

Lissa’s World – Ilocos Getaway ’08 Day One

Lissa’s World – Ilocos Getaway ’08 Day Two

Meet Ayishky – Pagudpud

Meet Ayishky – Side Trips

Meet Ayishky – Last Day in Ilocos

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