Basta Driver Sweet Lover

Its always normal when you get to ride a taxi with a driver that expresses his grievances about the government, his life, or sometimes the headaches bring by delinquent passengers. When I’m in the mood, I do get engange myself with a conversation with drivers once in a while. Mostly on their opinions on the current events of the country.

I ended up last night with a very interesting talk with an unusual intelligent cab driver. We got to talk about my nature of work, me being in an advertising agency and how I expressed my disagreement with the ridiculous ad spending of politicians, to stamp their popularity, in preparation for the 2010 elections; how our tax monies are being spent just to promote their ugly faces and false advocacy messages. Eventhough the advertising industry I am currently with earns from them, the activist/patriot nature in me enganges with my conscience and my compassion for my country and its people.
With all the rich politicians splurging all the money they have, how the people vote with simple popularity of an individual instead of their political platform and ideals gives me an alarming concern for the ordinary Filipinos. The ordinary Juan De La Cruz, like manong taxi driver, who are aspiring politicians who can’t get any chance into the political scene because their ideals for the country are being overshadowed by the pesos of the rich.
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