Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

8.5 / 10


Dear John,

Your book is one for the keeps, one that will be in line for the silver screen box-office, though I know that reading the book can make the readers appreciate the story more (I am bias on reading than seeing movies).

It is an easy read with the usual simple Nicholas Sparks narrative, yet the book has its own twists. I love the way Sparks wrote the book with not much complex vocabulary and construction of words. His books, particularly Dear John, are perfect when readers like me are looking for just a steady, relaxing, comfortable read (perfect for the beach!).

The story is set in a not-so heavy plot as well, a romance in the country side and sea shores. The book focused on your life at home and in the army, your unsullied feelings for Savannah and your unconditional love for your dear father.

Though there were a few heartbreaks, most of the chapters will leave readers with smiles. The ending is quite breath-taking. A sigh will surely prevent them from closing the book after reading the last few pages.

I will give five stars for your excellent novel, and its is now included in my favorites bookshelf.

I also heard rumors that Hollywood already started shooting the Dear John movie last quarter of 2008. Hope you do well.


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