The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry


Steve Berry

7.5 / 10


The Alexandria Link is one for the Dan Brown novels enthusiast. Steve Berry’s action-thriller adventure is one good book next to Dan Brown’s (Angels and Demons, and The Da Vinci Code). It tackles with the Bible’s validity and the anomalies of it from the Christian pioneers. I don’t want to spoil the main argument in this book but it is indeed one of my recommendations if you are that cynical of the Bible and as well of the other religions around the globe. The book also gives you a brief explanation of the collision among Christians, Muslims and Jews. Do you know the answer behind their angst against each other?

One question is raised by the book: Why do people hate Jews?

They say that the answer lies in the Library of Alexandria, where all of the ancient manuscripts that correlates to the modern Bible are stored. A secret organization is willing to do anything to find out the whereabouts of these ancient manuscripts and the library. It is only Cotton Malone who knows where the Alexandria “Link”, the only person who knows where the exact location of the historical Library.

So why do people hate Jews? Well for me… I still have to research about it. Help me out. =D

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