Sabbath Day Thursday, And Keeping It Holy

Every morning of the Sabbath, in the walls of the unseen good and the intangible preacher lays late the facade of a star whom I can always look with magnificence. Being shaded and muted by the shelter of the red christian sanctuary, each glance was a sin, a thorn to the heart, an after effect comes with being repentant of having to bite that apple, having a taste of such beauty entails a flicker of reality, a painful one…

My consciousness made me carry the burden of the cross. I allowed myself. You made me. I gazed around just to see the people throwing me stones of truth, of pessimism, or is it? How much can I take? Every start of that day is the very moment having you close to, the nearest of a foot away. Perhaps the greatest beauty, simplicity, was placed on the table, however not to be touched or even mention a compliment to it. Eve was never this gorgeous.

Still, the morning showed me agony. A realization of the consequences, the nails I had allowed myself to penetrate my body, my hands, my feet, my heart. You came back from the stars, from where the morning don’t even exist. I was dead for the past hour, water poured inside me, it awakened a bit of me. The images was blurred, it came from the infinite. She made her presence, that simplicity, that poise, that elegance all edified me of being intimidated to everything of that air you breathe, I am scared of committing an indulgence from you, again. But the temptation came across, I have the sin in mind, of taking a glance of you. I have done it. All of a sudden it was blurred again. The light gave me the figures of the instance of having known her, touching her, laughing with her, or most probably she doesn’t know how these all mean to me.

Each moment was like a dream. In an instant, it is. A tear played in my eye, I can feel it even if I hadn’t opened it. Still hoping to make that moment last even just a little bit longer. I tried to depart this life again, but the cold shivers my legs and killed the warm I have in my chest. I still don’t want to see this real world I am destined to live with, I tried to gather the thoughts, how much we’ve laughed, how much she looked and smiled at me. It was all I can remember. I tried to inhale the air, possibly the letters that been fated on her will give me hope of knowing her in the near future. The air came in empty. And it pains to part from such fantasy.

She came from the stars, the morning expanded the light, and it blinded me the hopes of seeing her again.

I opened my eyes. And a tear caressed the surface of my temple.

Alive again. And wishing to be dead again.

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