Philippine Government: Democracy Or Martial Law


Filipino Soldier mans an area of Malacanang Palace


Americans glorified when the third wave of democracy occurred. Countries are withholding themselves from the authoritarian and totalitarian system of government. An opportunity to seize for the United States to strengthen their propaganda to the world – to promote Democracy, the same kind of system that made the U.S. a superpower and an influential icon to the international community. Many countries did shift to democracy and only few didn’t.

Robert Kaplan raised the issue “Was Democracy Just a Moment?” naming countries that developed having democracy as their system of government. While another political academic, Jacques Rosseau, discussed the theory of general will as the sum of individual desires. Further explaining that democracy as a government of the general will.

But what are the people to do if they have of left of zilch choice of public officials to lead a democratic system of government? Nothing but only a few dysfunctional and ineffective political actors and crumbling institutions.

Now, do you see the Philippines in this? One point why many states: that now that we have democracy, we are only moving everywhere but forward. Is there a need to go back to Martial Law or to any authoritarian system of government where once we have seen a glimpse of prosperity?

Kaplan states that before a country to democratize, it must achieve social and economic development, effective bureaucratic institutions, middle class and civic society groups. Then a multi-party system will work in a country, so as democracy. But why should a country should shift to democracy if they are already developed? This question arises in Kaplan’s paper. Maybe, an authoritarian country only needs to shift to democracy if a “developed” country experiences tyranny and ineffective governance of a regime. The society must be healthy and stable for deeper political participation and awareness of different situations.

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